Metachain – Metachain is the community based virtual currency and futuristic technology, which about to enter the global virtual reality market in order to provide unique advanced platform.

Pool information
Sale Start – FCFS Limited Allocation Round 27-Mar-2022 14:00:00
Cap Lift – FCFS Increased Allocation Round 27-Mar-2022 14:00:00
Sale Closes 03-Apr-2022 14:00:00
Swap Rate 1 MTCH = 0.00000000025 BNB
Min Cap 0.02500000 BNB
Max Cap - FCFS Limited Allocation Round 20.00000000 BNB
Total Users Participated 275
Total Funds Swapped 234.29626601 BNB
Access Type Private
Token information
Name Metachain
Token Symbol MTCH

Round Opens Closes
Date Allocation Percentage Claimed Action